Best Kitchen Light Fixtures For Above The Sink

Unique Kitchen Light Fixtures

Make your entire washing task easier with the right kitchen light fixtures. You will be able to perform particular tasks and set the mood with the correct lighting in any room. The kitchen is where lighting more important. You need a proper lighting system in every area in your kitchen as there is mostly challenging tasks you spend in so much time. A dedicated light above the sink will make it the best work area. Your sink area will look better and it will be easier to do several sink tasks including rinsing vegetables and doing dishes with the right lighting.

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Ornamental Lighting

Warm Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Vintage Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Smart Ideas Kitchen Light Fixtures

You won’t get other options over the sink with standard recessed ceiling lights. Include an eye-catching element to your kitchen and add lighting down to the workplace with a pendant light. You don’t want your eyes get the bright shine from the bulb so pick a pendant kitchen light fixtures that hide the bulb on the sides. The perfect choice is a pendant that set over the work area with about 30 inches. Greatest illumination would be a 60-watt halogen bulb.

Recessed light fixture

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Modern Kitchen Light Fixtures Modern Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

Your best option will be ceiling lighting if you have a window or open space above a kitchen sink. Over-the-sink lighting works best for standard recessed kitchen light fixtures. Opt for this type of lighting if you just want a low profile light or you have a pleasant view over your sink out of a window. Without disparaging from the area, give sufficient light with a shallow trim recessed light. If you have a bigger sink, pick higher wattage halogen bulb around 90-watt.

Sinks with Cabinets

Decorative Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures Contemporary Kitchen Light Fixtures

Under-cabinet lighting is your best bet if you have a cabinet above your sink. You will create unwanted shadows on the sink area if beyond the cabinets there are ceiling lights. There would not be any obstacle between the sink and the light with the benefit of under-cabinet lighting attached exactly over the sink. Depending on your liking, you can choose a single round light, multiple small lights, wired with a switch or one long bar light as the form of under-cabinet lighting.


Amazing Kitchen Light Fixtures

Make your kitchen look great and make your work easier with the right lighting above your sink. Food may destroy faster due to the heat produced by the light so do not pick below-cabinet lighting beneath shelves that store food. But, there is lighting that doesn’t generate much heat like fluorescent lighting. Prevent shadows by installing recessed or pendants ceiling kitchen light fixtures centered above the sink.

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